Blue Spinning Circle on Extension

I have a teacher reporting that when they go to “My Recordings” under the new extension, they are just getting a blue spinning circle. We have tried troubleshooting by clearing cache, cookie san updating Chrome but the problem is still persisting. Has anyone else seen this and have any suggestions as to a resolution for this issue? Thanks in advance!

I used the WeVideo Chrome extension to record our celebration yesterday morning. The plan is to send the link to the video to parents since they couldn’t be a part of it. I borrowed a video camera from the music teachers and the extension recognized it as a webcam and everything seemed to go great. However, ever since, when I click on “My Recordings” all I get is the spinning blue circle.

I can’t replicate that, and just used the extension yesterday.

I will say that there is a “renewed” permissions for several apps that involve camera/microphone permissions, must be something with the newest version of Chrome. However, it sounds like the teacher was able to allow that, it’s just in the accessing of recordings. Would they maybe need to renew their Google handshake with WeVideo?

@andy.fekete Please have the user open a support ticket with us. They can email and include the steps to replicate and a screen shot if possible. We can get that resolved rather quickly for them.

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Thanks. We got it working. It took clearing the cache and uninstalling and reinstalling the extension.

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